Personal Finance Made Easy

Tired of tracking every expense?
Percento is an incredibly simple money manager.
Just focus on your net worth growth and reach your financial goals.

Focus on Things that Matter

How many assets do I own? How much I spent this month?
No need to write down every penny you spent. Only focus on significant transactions.

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Financial Report,
Anytime, Anywhere

Am I making good investment decisions recently?
How much did I earn from stock market last month?
The Balance sheet provides a clear picture of your financial status.

Manage Money
Like a Pro

Percento is based on best finance practices.
As a former CPA, the developer made this App with his personal money experience and best iOS platform technologies.

Designed for Privacy

Percento is made to fully support offline mode. No login is needed. You can choose Face ID to protect your privacy and iCloud to sync your data.

Data Security

Backup with iCloud / Export to .csv


Save time by only tracking important transactions

Trend and Distribution

Beautiful charts to help you understanding assets

Best iOS Experience

Widget, CloudKit, Dark Mode and Theme


Auto sync conversion rate

Stock Price Sync

Keep track of your investment effortlessly